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How to drive cars with automatic transmission useful tips

Professionals driving and ordinary motorists argue that the mechanical transmission (gearbox) car has a number of advantages compared to the automatic (automatic transmission).


  1. Driver with years of experience in the management of the "mechanics" riding "machine", is confident in its ability to easily tame the "iron horse". Relying on the apparent simplicity, disregards the fundamental difference between driving "mechanics" and "machine", and previous experience may cause breakage of the box machine.
  2. In cars with automatic manipulation of the transfer lever to a different position is possible only when you tap the brake pedal; works engage gear and the car starts moving.
  3. Car traffic in the city is limited by the speed: "long" traffic lights and traffic forced to stand longer than usual. In such a situation, never move the gear lever-the machine in the neutral position, it spoils the gear box. Automatic transmission does not allow such switching, they are acceptable only for MKP.

Video: Principles of management cars with automatic gearbox

These simple rules will ensure safe operation of your vehicle for a long time.