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How to sharpen ceramic knives at home, video

With proper use of the ceramic knife it for a long time can be sharp. But over time, he will cease to be as sharp and you will reflect on how well you can sharpen ceramic knife.

 tochit keramicheskie nozhi
There are several options:

  1. To give the knife a professional technician. This will save you from buying special tools to sharpen, and will save time.
  2. Use a special round with diamond coating. It is important not to damage the knife, so it is recommended to put the machine on low speed and minimal beats. Also, do not strongly pressed the blade to the grinding circle. In the end, the knife blade should be slightly convex. The newcomers will have to spend on sharpening a knife time consuming and also possible damage to the blade.
     Kak pravilno tochit keramicheskie nozhi doma, video  tochilka dlya keramicheskih nozhej

If we talk about mechanical sharpeners, the quality is considered sharpener Japanese companies Kasumi. It is inexpensive, but sharpening will have to spend a lot of time.

Video how to sharpen a ceramic knife on diamond circle

Video sharpening ceramic knife sharpener