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How to flatten crumpled leather jacket, folds, live, with his own hands

Like any leather material if not properly stored can become wrinkled. How to quickly allow the leather thing in order?

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  1. If the thing hesitated, because they were stored in collapsed form, just hang it on a hanger and leave it on for 2 days. Importantly! The size of the hanger should be the exact same size jacket otherwise on a long hanger thing is deformed, and short-will not be confused. For thick and durable leather, this option will not work. kozhanaya kurtka na veshalke
  2. Treat the jacket steam: thing hanging on a hanger in the bathroom, turn on hot water and leave for 30 minutes. Watch, to splatter didn't get on the jacket, otherwise the skin will fade. Half an hour later hang the thing in a dry room. A day later, the creases will disappear.
  3. To remove creases from jackets easier with the help of a steam generator if he is in the house. Just direct the steam jet on problem areas from a distance of 10 cm from things and impregnate it with steam. Make sure that the jacket didn't get wet. Then, leave the clothes on a hanger for a day.
  4. In the absence of time waiting use the iron. Stroke can be front or reverse side using paper or soft cotton cloth using mode 1. Do not slide the iron, and apply and remove it, do not use the mode pair. Kak razgladit myatuu kozhanuu kurtku, skladki, video, svoimi rukami

If all the above measures have not helped, take the jacket to the dry cleaners where , with the help of special press for the skin of her stroke and return to previous form.

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