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How to wash a coat in the washing machine

You don't want to bother with hand washing your coat, then this tip is for you. Important before washing in the machine to see if the label signs prohibiting the washing of (crossed basin, and)

 kak postirat palto v stiralnoj mashine

  1. Put it in the washing machine "hand wash» well and if does not have the features that mode "sensitive» at a temperature of 30-40 degrees, but not more can spoil!
  2. Put the coat in a drum machine and take a look off the function of "spin». During the spin cycle coat can change its shape and wrinkle.
  3. The powder is intended only for the fabric from which coats are made.
  4. After a delicate wash, out and straighten the coat, hang it on a hanger for it to dry.

When washing is not very contaminated coat in the washing machine, you can put it in the Laundry bag, then wash it will be even more delicate for the fabric.