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How to clean the fur collar at home, home

If you don't believe in themselves and are afraid to ruin such a product should not handle it for cleaning, and just take it to a specialized workshop. And be nicer when you are reliable and will be cheaper when your hands will do the cleaning with his own hands.

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To begin washing, make sure the strength of the fabric. Make a simple solution of 2 a drop of alcohol, 60 ml. lukewarm water and a drop of detergent. After mixing, apply a little bit on fur. After application and absorption pull fur when it began to break away it is better to refrain from treatment!

  1. Even for cleaning the fur is used not only detergent but also a shampoo. Start cleaning: moisten the swab in the remedy that is listed above, moisten a swab and do a bit of a damp wipe and after them the fur in the direction of the hair.
  2. If the first method did not give a tangible effect, then take the peg line a comb and apply to the surface a layer of cotton wool moistened with detergent and comb the fur.

Wash fur collar.

  1. No contraindications washing the fur collar is not present and was not. Take unfasten it from his coat. Wash the fur in the shampoo. Stick to the main concentrations: the ratio of 1 tablespoon of shampoo into a glass of water. After washing the fur carefully rinse and dry away from the batteries.

Remove stains from grease, and yellow

  1. Grease stains are removed with a special solution. A mixture of ammonia water, cooked with salt and water in the ratio 1 : 3 : 50. Fur savor swab and gently wipe with a linen towel and comb.
  2. Appeared yellow fur. Apply 5% solution of peroxide and a few drops of alcohol. Apply the solution on the swab and carefully and gently Pat on the fur. Then wipe the fur with warm water.