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How to transfer photos from iPhone (iPhone, iPad) to the computer

Often we need to copy some images from a mobile device, e.g. iPhone, to PC. These can be photographs or just some pictures. Transferring photos from iPhone to your computer – it's not complicated, and you deal with it quickly using the following steps:

  1. Take USB cable and connect your iPhone with the help of the computer. When the computer recognizes the mobile device, you can open it. On the screen you will see a message that say about the possibility to open the device to view the files it contains.
  2. After recognition by the computer device we need to open "My computer» and there under the list of hard drives on the left side of the interface will be displayed iPhone with the title that he was awarded during settings in iTunes.

  3. Define a list of photos that you need to transfer from the device to the computer and just copy them to a folder on the computer.

That's the whole process. Now you have seen that everything here is simple so to copy photos from iPhone to computer everyone can. You need only minimal knowledge of how your iPhone and computer – and then you certainly can easily perform your desired procedure.