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How to eat and eat mango fruit how to clean

Mango is traditionally considered a Royal fruit. Its deep, exquisite taste and delicate aroma of a dozen years ago was a rarity for us, but now the mango has become as accessible as any of the fruit. However, most people eat a mango properly.

  1. Thoroughly rinse the mango under hot running water. Prepare a flat plate to keep the juice flowing (cutting Board is not suitable). pered edoj mango pomojte
  2. Put the fruit upright and Ratresia mango long, sharp knife along the flat and a large bone together with the skin. The bone runs along the inside of the fruit. Cut mangoes this way on all sides. razrezhte mango popolam na 2 chasti
  3. The mango skin not eaten because she's rude and has a resinous unpleasant taste. To free the pulp from the rind, make a sharp knife cuts like a large grid across the flesh of the fruit (parallel and vertical). Be careful not to damage the peel with a knife.
  4. Then, hold a slice with two hands, press down on the peel and remove the pulp out. Cut with a spoon all the juicy bits in a plate. otdelite mango lozhkoj ot ego kozhury
  5. A way to eat the mango depends on your desires and fantasies. You can add any sauce, and to dip pieces of fruit in it. Can be easy to eat, even without the help of a fork. mango polozhite v posudinu