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How to clean gold ammonia at home to Shine

All the gold items, even with high samples contain strength additives - metals, which reduces the softness of gold (copper, silver, zinc), which over time, oxidize in air, in contact with skin and sweat. As a result, a piece of jewelry loses its Shine. Return a soft radiance to your jewelry, fortunately, is easily achievable task. Just a couple of hours spent will bring back to life your favorite jewelry.

Most effective, cheap and common assistant in the purification of gold from oxides is ammonia, alcohol:

  1. In a container of warm water (about 200 ml) to grate or thinly slice the dish soap in the amount of about one tablespoon (15 grams). Also you can use a mild baby shampoo (3 to 4 tablespoons). Mix well to completely dissolve the soap.