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How to clean gold at home to Shine, darkened, black

Gold ornaments, from the point of view of aesthetics, tend over time to lose its appeal. Because the surface of the gold fade from prolonged exposure to Soaps, creams, cosmetics, and natural secretions of human skin. Also gold can be oxidized, covered with numerous shallow scratches, spots, etc., especially when frequent wearing of a decoration.

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  1. To clean gold jewelry using soapy foam. To do this, to take a normal dishwashing detergent or liquid soap and dissolve it in warm water. Then, picking up from the surface of the resulting solution the cap foam with a brush or toothbrush, gently clean its gold product. mylnyj rastvor dlya chistki zolota
  2. When you need to clean gold rings, necklaces, earrings or jewelry with stones, it is best to use ammonia in its pure form without the use of water. Also, instead of ammonia, you can take the usual Cologne or alcohol. Then continue processing the gold surface by buffing with a suede fabric.

Categorically it is undesirable to use for cleaning of articles of gold tooth powder. The use of ordinary washing powder is only valid for precious stones. If we are talking about organic stone, which include, for example, pearls, you can use soapy liquid.